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A revista italiana Discipline Filosofiche, fundada em 1991 por Enzo Melandri, está com chamada de artigos aberta para um número temático especial dedicado a Levinas – Emmanuel Levinas: Phenomenology, Ethics, Sociality – em comemoração ao aniversário de publicação de Autrement qu’être . O editor responsável é Sebastiano Galanti Grollo e os artigos podem ser enviados em inglês, italiano, francês ou alemão até 31 de maio de 2014. Disponibilizamos abaixo mais informações e o link para a revista.

Thematic Issue of Discipline Filosofiche XXIV, 1, 2014:
Emmanuel Levinas: Phenomenology, Ethics, Sociality
Volume Editor: Sebastiano Galanti Grollo

On the occasion of the thirty-year anniversary of the publication of Autrement qu’être ou au-delà de l’essence «Discipline Filosofiche» intends to devote an issue to the thought of Emmanuel Levinas, whose relevance in contemporary philosophical discourse has steadily increased, as evidenced by the remarkable vitality of Levinasian studies. While Levinas’s early interpreters focused mainly on the ethical implications of his work, over the years new directions for research have emerged which approach his works from other perspectives, with particular reference to a reconsideration of his phenomenological method. The relationship between ethical issues and the many instances of civil society and politics is currently one of the most promising areas in Levinasian research, where the recognition of the dimension of passivity in ethical experience is associated with a renewed attention on the forms and conditions of human action.

The aim of this edition is to expound upon Levinasian theories in their various aspects, beginning with issues raised by the state of cultural and ethical pluralism which characterizes contemporary societies, by promoting research that will discuss both the philosophical premises, as stricty related to phenomenological reflection, and the outcomes and prospects for their development.

Some of the topics which authors are invited to consider are: the relational character of identity, both individual and collective; sensibility and passivity as essential aspects of ethics; conditions and forms of ethical agency, from responsibility to indifference; the question of justice and of the «third», also with regard to the role of institutions; and current instances of sociality: e.g., autonomy, recognition, hospitality.

Submission guidelines

Submission can be made in English, Italian, French, and German and should not exceed 9,000 words including abstract, references and footnotes.

Manuscripts are welcome in English, Italian, German or French. They should be prepared for anonymous refereeing and sent by email attachment in Microsoft Word together with a .pdf version to Contributions are sent to two independent reviewers in a double-blind procedure prior to the publication decision. Authors may be requested to change or improve their articles when suggested by reviewers. Please attach both a fully blinded version of your paper as a “Manuscript” and a separate “Cover page” indicating full name of the authors, academic title, university affiliation and full contact details. The submission should contain an abstract in English, not exceeding 150 words. For further details, please see guidelines (all submissions will be acknowledged).

Submitted manuscripts can be formatted in any clear and consistent style, but authors finalizing their papers for publication will be required to hand in a final version that respects the journal’s stylistic rules (download Style guidelines).

Submission of a manuscript is understood to imply that the paper has not been published before and is not being considered for publication by any other journal. The publication of the papers implies that authors waive the copyright; they could request the copyright to the journal for future publication of them.

Deadline for submission: May 31, 2014.

Notification of acceptance, conditional acceptance, rejection: July 31, 2014.

Final version due: September 30, 2014.

Para mais informações, clique aqui.


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