Levinas Summer Seminar 2015 “Eros and ethics”

Disponibilizamos abaixo as informações para o terceiro Levinas Summer Seminar que aconcerá em Roma. O prazo final para submissão é dia 15 de maio.


The great twentieth century philosopher Emmanuel Levinas is well known for his incisive phenomenological studies and his original ethical metaphysics of “the face to face.” The 2015 LPSS will focus on the combination of these two elements as found in Levinas’s account of eros in Totality and Infinity. Since Plato’s Symposium and the very definition of philosophy as “love of wisdom,” philosophers have made eros – desire, love, friendship – central to the human condition and to the philosophical enterprise more specifically. Not surprisingly, then, Levinas devotes the last part of his magnum opus, Section Four of Totality and Infinity, to discussing eros. His topics include: The Ambiguity of Love; Phenomenology of Eros; Fecundity; Subjectivity in Eros; Transcendence and Fecundity; Filiality and Fraternity; The Infinity of Time. The 2015 LPSS will be dedicated to a careful review of these topics, to an “explication of the text,” first simply to understand Levinas’s original analyses, and then also to discuss and question the difficult relation between eros and ethics.

Location: the July 6-10, 2015, Levinas Philosophy Summer Seminar will be held at John Cabot University, a fully accredited American university located at 233 Via della Lungara, Rome, Italy: website: http://www.johncabot.edu/

TO APPLY: Application consists of (1) a cover letter by applicant explaining his or her intellectual interests, scholarly qualifications and seminar goals, accompanied by (2) a curriculum vitae. Send these as email attachments to: levinas.center@gmail.com . Applications are reviewed from the present time until all ten places are filled (final deadline: May 15). Seminar is for university faculty (active or retired), independent scholars, and graduate students; philosophy or related disciplines desired.
Transportation, food and lodging costs are the responsibility of participants. There is no fee for the seminar itself.
For additional information please contact co-organizer Dr. Jolanta Saldukaityte: jolanta.saldukaityte[eta]gmail.com

Levinas Philosophy Summer Seminar:
The seminar is composed of ten invited scholars – professors, post-doctoral students and graduate students – selected from applicants from around the world, plus a limited number of auditors. It is directed by Professor Richard A. Cohen (University at Buffalo, USA), assisted by two additional professors, Professor James McLachlan (Western Carolina University, USA) and Dr. Jolanta Saldukaityte (Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania). For more information on previous seminars (Vilnius, 2013; Buffalo, 2014) scroll down.

Seminar Director:
Richard A Cohen is a world-wide recognized Levinas scholar. He is author of three books on Levinas: Elevations: The Height of the Good in Rosenzweig and Levinas (Chicago, 1994); Ethics, Exegesis and Philosophy (Cambridge 2001); and Levinasian Meditations: Ethics, Philosophy, and Religion (Pittsburgh, 2010). He is also English translator and/or editor of four of Levinas’s books (Time and the Other and Additional Essays; Ethics and Infinity; Discovering Existence with Husserl; New Talmudic Readings); editor of Face to Face with Levinas (Pittsburgh, 1986); co-editor of In Proximity: Emmanuel Levinas and the Eighteenth Century (Lubbock, 2001); and author of many articles on Levinas and modern and contemporary philosophy. His forthcoming book, Out of Control: Levinas and Spinoza on Ethics, Politics, Science and Religion, will be published by the State University of New York Press. He is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage, at the University at Buffalo (SUNY), and Director of the Levinas Center.

Assisting Levinas Scholars:
James McLachlan is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Western Carolina University. He has assisted at the first two LPSSs, in Vilnius and Buffalo. He is past co-chair of the Mormon Studies Group at the American Academy of Religion, member of the board of the Institute for American Religious and Philosophical Thought, and organizer of the Personalist Seminar. His research interests include 20th century Continental thought, especially Levinas, Sartre and Berdyaev. He also publishes on American and European Personalism, Process Theology, Romanticism and idealism, and Mormon Theology.
Jolanta Saldukaityte is co-organizer of the LPSS, and was organizer of the centennial conference on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas held at the University of Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania, April 2006. She has published several articles on Levinas’s philosophy, especially in its relation to the thought of Martin Heidegger. In 2011 she defended her PhD thesis at the University of Vilnius on “Thinking of Difference in Heidegger and Levinas.” She is currently teaching philosophy at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

The 2015 LPSS is organized by Professor Richard A. Cohen (University at Buffalo) and Dr. Jolanta Saldukaityte; and sponsored by: John Cabot University, Rome, Italy; The Levinas Center and Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage , University at Buffalo (SUNY), Buffalo, New York, USA.


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